John ton

Beginning Drawing

In Beginning Drawing, I introduce you to the basic methods to draw something that looks like something. I employ a fairly systematic approach, with an eye, ultimately, to a self-directed creative process. You will learn to draw objectively - to "draw what you see." First, basic line drawing skills will help you develop what I call "The Route" which simply means the path from obect, to eye, to brain, and back out to hand, pencil, paper. We begin every class with a few minutes of "gesture drawing" which is a fun loosening-up exercise.

You'll be introduced to the sciences of line drawing, shading and perspective, in straightforward and useful ways. Through demonstration and practice, in a casual, completely non-threatening atmosphere, you'll build a nice new toolkit of knowledge, and you'll be prepared for your own personal artistic expression and explorations.

The fee is $435 for the 8 week course, all materials provided. SLIDING SCALE!